Follow along as we use this space to communicate myriad aspects of our ABAR community building at Westtown School. You will find personal reflections and experiences from colleagues; professional development overviews; interviews with thought leaders on implicit bias, racial, gender, and other aspects of identity; updates on curriculum and special programming; educational resources;  and a variety of pieces related to racial and social justice.

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14 min read

Westtown School’s Inaugural Ninth Grade BIPOC Summer Camp

Just months before the pandemic, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist Marissa Colston and I had been pondering the need...

2 min read


As the Dean of Access and Equity and administrator of the Full Access Program, I have the awesome privilege of...

4 min read

Motherhood Reimagined.

I am what you call a Single Mother by Choice. I chose to intentionally have a baby without a partner using an anonymous...

2 min read

Learning and Growing in A White Affinity Space

In her blog post of June 2, 2020, Marissa Colston, Westtown’s Dean of Diversity of Inclusion, listed “Tools to Help us...

2 min read

“If You Build It, They Will Come” Creating Spaces Especially For You

“If you build it, they will come,” a popular Field of Dreams movie reference, was a central theme in my upbringing and...

5 min read

DOING THE WORK: Anti-Racist Teaching and Community Building in the Era of Black Lives Matter

I come from an intellectual tradition that sees scholarship as akin to combat. I was trained to see scholarly jousting...

2 min read

Why Affinity Spaces Give Me Life

When I was in middle and high school, I was often the only black student or student of color in the classroom. I lived...

3 min read

We Can't Breathe!

My phone was blowing up. Push notifications and texts from friends and colleagues were letting me know that the...

5 min read

Tools to Help Us Heal and Take Action

In response to the violence of systemic racism that we have witnessed these past weeks, I want to  offer ways in which...