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The Soon-to-be-Champion Field Hockey Team

Posted by Karl Vela '03 on Oct 9, 2015 4:07:00 PM

Twice in the last two years the Varsity Field Hockey team has gone to the FSL finals against ANC and lost (and the semi-finals the year before that)! Needless to say, there is a heated rivalry brewing amongst the players as they are determined to both beat ANC and take the championship this year.

When interviewing the players, I was struck by the maturity with which they are approaching this season. They are staying focused on their ambitious goals but not losing sight of their true priorities. Their desire to beat ANC and take the title is impassioned and you can see it on their faces, but more than anything else they want their legacy to be an environment of joy, integrity, and trust. For these Westonains this season is not simply about winning a championship trophy (although that wouldn’t hurt!), it’s about personal and communal growth. These girls are a fitting representation of Westtown’s character and we wish them all the best. BEAT A-N-C!

Topics: Student Life at Westtown, athletics

Karl Vela '03

Written by Karl Vela '03

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