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What is Meeting for Business?

Posted by Karl Vela '03 on Mar 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM


It is human nature to react to challenges that arise within our community. It is far more difficult to be adaptive and put systems in place to make our community better able to deal with the unknown challenges the future holds. It was with this impressive foresight that a small group of students took the initiative to make Meeting for Business a part of the Upper School experience. With the help of some dedicated faculty members and the student body presidents, Meeting for Business is now becoming an invaluable platform for involvement and a beacon of Westtown’s Quaker heritage.

The core idea behind Meeting for Business is simple, yet its proper execution can be quite complex. I asked two groups of students to tell me what Meeting for Business is, why they sought to implement it, and what sorts of results they’ve seen from their efforts. I was quick to witness that Meeting for Business offered something critical to the Westtown community, students who would typically not share their voice felt compelled to do so. The diversity of engaged participants and the attitudes and passion the students brought to Meeting for Business was deeply moving. It was a true reflection of the Quaker calling to see that of God in everyone.

Topics: Student Life at Westtown, Quakerism, Religious Life Committee

Karl Vela '03

Written by Karl Vela '03

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