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Corey Young

Corey Young is an Upper School Learning Specialist at Westtown School. He holds a PA State Certification in K-12 Special Education and is also TESOL/TEFL Certified to teach English as a foreign language. Previously he has been a Special Education teacher at Upper Merion Middle School and High School and taught Autistic Support at Northeast Middle School in Reading. He attended American Public University, where he completed his degree (BS) in Sports and Health Science with a Concentration in Exercise Science, and Grand Canyon University where he completed his Masters of Education in Special Education (M.Ed.)

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Essentials for Every Student: Routine, Action, & Autonomy

Posted by Corey Young on September 5, 2020

In his famous 1953 essay, “The Hedgehog and the Fox,” British philosopher Isiah Berlin separated people into two distinct groups—hedgehogs and foxes. Foxes, wrote Berlin, are sleek, cunning creatures who try to use dozens of strategies to solve complex problems. Conversely, hedgehogs are simple and methodical creatures who integrate a unified, or principled, approach to problem-solving.

For parents and students alike, trying to navigate the distance learning environment and all of its complexities can feel especially challenging at times. Regardless of whether your approach to problem solving resembles the cunning of the fox, the principality of the hedgehog, or a hybrid of both, understanding how, and when, to implement the right mix of strategies will be a key factor to sustaining success in distance learning. For those who aren’t sure where, or how, to start coordinating their strategic route to success, utilizing the three key elements in, what I call, the Student Circles of Success, should provide you with a solid foundation. 

Student Circles of Success

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