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Finding the The Right School

Posted by Tearson Morrison on October 13, 2017

Like shopping for clothes, shopping for a school is all about fit. Finding the right school fit for your child can be a daunting and confusing endeavor because there are many options available. All independent schools have a few things in common, such as great academics, dedicated faculty, and close-knit communities. So how do you find the right school? How do you tell the difference between them? 

Here are a few tips help you in your school search:

  • Know your child’s and your family’s needs. In what kind of school culture would your child thrive? Would they do well in a large school or one that is smaller? Does your child have special academic needs to support or certain strengths and passions you would like to build on? Is a school with a religious affiliation important to you? Is diversity important to you? Do you want a school with a wide variety of clubs or extra-curricular offerings? Answer these kinds of questions to build a profile of a school that might be a good fit for your child.
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Topics: How to Pick the Best Independent School in Philly

Common Myths About Boarding Schools

Posted by Lynette Assarsson on September 30, 2015

The Top Six Myths About Boarding Schools

There are common misconceptions about boarding schools. Movie depictions of boarding schools might lead you to believe that they are havens for rich kids who misbehave, are full of uniformed-clad elitists, or are homes for wizards. These notions are far from the reality. Let’s dispel the most common myths about boarding schools:

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Topics: How to Pick the Best Independent School in Philly