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Good Books Are Good Getaways

Posted by Caroline Eddy on July 25, 2016

Summer is the best season to catch up - on sleep, vacation days, time with family and friends, and especially the pile of books collected over the last year.  Whether you’re actually travelling or just have some down time at home, a good story has the ability to take you a thousand different places and times.

In the spirit of sharing great stories, we asked our teachers and staff for their favorite reads. Here’s what they shared, should you need inspiration for your next library visit or another book to add to the pile.

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Rest, Relaxation, and Reading: There is still time for more this summer!

Posted by Lynette Assarsson on August 14, 2015

Whether we’re in a hammock, on a boat, in a beach chair, or on the back porch swing, a book is often our blog_sz_book-634135-editedsummertime companion. Summer is the time to catch up on literary treasures and, of course, our guilty reading pleasures.

Teachers and school staff especially relish time to read books that are not job related. We asked the faculty and staff at Westtown School for some of their favorites.

Here’s what they said:

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