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Fran de la Torre-Shu & Corey Young

Fran de la Torre-Shu and Corey Young are Upper School Learning Support Specialists at Westtown School. Previously, Fran served as the Learning Support Specialist at the Academy of Notre Dame for grades 6-12 where she also coached swimming. Her teaching career began as a Special Education Teacher in Philadelphia public charter schools, but she holds Pennsylvania certification as a Reading Specialist, Special Educator, English Language Arts 6-9, and Math 6-9. She earned her BA in Classical Studies and MSEd in Language and Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania. She also earned a MSEd in Special Education from Saint Joseph's University and is currently working towards a certification in English as a Second Language. Corey Young holds a PA State Certification in K-12 Special Education and is also TESOL/TEFL Certified to teach English as a foreign language. Previously he has been a Special Education teacher at Upper Merion Middle School and High School and taught Autistic Support at Northeast Middle School in Reading. He attended American Public University, where he completed his degree (BS) in Sports and Health Science with a Concentration in Exercise Science, and Grand Canyon University where he completed his Masters of Education in Special Education (M.Ed.)

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Get Prepped for Finals!

Posted by Fran de la Torre-Shu & Corey Young on May 27, 2021

For some students, simply hearing the words “finals” and “week” used in the same sentence is enough to conjure up thoughts of stress, anxiety, and caffeine fueled all-nighters sponsored by Monster Energy drinks. However, in a year that’s been as tumultuous and fraught with never-ending cascades of challenges as 2020-21 has, making it through finals week unscathed can feel like an especially daunting task. With the right set of strategies, students will not only face their finals with confidence but also will create a foundation of effective work and study habits that will benefit them in college and beyond. 

Regardless of whether it is a freshman preparing to take their first high school final, or a senior who is getting ready for their last one, creating a study schedule should be the number one priority when it comes to preparing for exams. Building an effective study schedule helps to identify knowledge gaps, reduce procrastination, and limit the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to cram everything in at the last minute. Because each student has their own learning style, the best way to build an effective study schedule is to create one that fits one’s individual needs. Check out the following tips for creating a customized A+ Study Schedule from Westtown’s Learning Center:

  • Prioritize the weakest subjects first.
  • Have a clear understanding of what will and will not be covered on the exams.
  • Choose a visual format to organize tasks, deadlines, and materials needed.
  • Make the schedule, then stick to it.
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