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Wade Tomlinson

Born in Friendswood, Texas to Quaker parents, Wade is a lifelong Quaker. He graduated from Guilford College with a degree in Political Science and Comparative Religion. Later, he graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Masters in Arts and Teaching. Living by the philosophy that success is judged by one's experience and not one's earnings, Wade has traveled many parts of the world. He has lived in Australia and England as well as Guatemala. He has visited more than 40 nations, seeking out the history of the place that is visited. "What kind of planet are we leaving our children?" is a question that Wade has a passion in helping to answer. He is the Director of Sustainability at Westtown School where he also teaches Middle School History.

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Climate Change: Another Chance to Lead by Example

Posted by Wade Tomlinson on May 10, 2016

It seems we are always trying to find a balance between what we want to remain the same and what we want to change. On one hand there are traditions, habits, and rituals and on the other there are research, knowledge and data that  encourages us to modify our habits. I am writing today to talk about climate change and our thinking about changing our habits for the betterment of our world and our children who will inherit the planet.

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Be Eco-Friendly Without the Judgment

Posted by Wade Tomlinson on October 28, 2015

Have you ever been in a conversation about sustainability or environmental stewardship and immediately felt judged by those around you? Perhaps you perceived judgment from others, even if nothing was said. Think about how that was a turn-off. Did you feel defensive? Did you feel ready to cooperate with a group in which you felt judged?

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